So, You Have an Idea? Tech Sparks Pitchfest in Old Pasadena Hears...

So, You Have an Idea? Tech Sparks Pitchfest in Old Pasadena Hears Plenty



It was a night of fast talking, quick thinking and out-of-the box ideas at Tech Sparks Pitchfest on Wednesday night at Cross Campus in Old Town Pasadena. Cross Campus is a coworking space that focuses on building community through networking and sharing ideas.

“Networks start with you and the people next to you,” Jozef Foldi, spokesperson of Tech Sparks, said.

This entrepreneur-centered event gave people the chance to pitch their business ideas to a group of their peers. The Fast Pitch round limited pitches to 30 seconds and the long pitch round gave entrepreneurs five minutes. These ideas included a comprehensive social planning app called Rohm which uses a community sourced knowledge engine to “democratize information” and encourage interaction.

The evening ended a Q & A with Skip Garret, a past Tech Sparks pitch competition winner and the founder of Fresh Stax, a smoothie kit delivery company. Garret sees his company as fulfilling the needs of busy people. Fresh Stax delivers fresh smoothie-ready produce in reusable mason jars to subscribers.

Garret had the opportunity to develop his idea with Tech Sparks and Pasadena Angels. Many people in these groups like Marcus Filipovich, a local angel investor and CEO coach for Pasadena Angels, offer their leadership and business smarts to help entrepreneurs get their ideas of the ground.

“This is a place to pitch, you don’t need to have a fully baked ideas, this is the place to get your ideas baked,” said Foldi.

This collaborative brainstorming session certainly got the creative juices flowing and, hopefully, ignited imaginations.

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