Hypercube, Where Art and Technology Mix It Up

Hypercube, Where Art and Technology Mix It Up


If you thought art and technology didn’t mix – prepare to have your mind blown. Coding can be a form of expression and art can arise from digital experiences. Hypercube, a Meetup group, gathers in Pasadena to explore the intersection between expression and technology.

“Traditionally, when people think of ‘art,’ the first thing that comes to mind is analog pieces like paintings, sculptures films…as technology improves and we as a society is ushered into the true digital age, there has been a tremendous movement of artists who use non-traditional mediums,” said Eddie Lee, the founder of Hypercube.

Since Hypercube began in 2014, there have been four official meetings and their Meetup page has over 1,000 members.

“Pasadena has interesting mix of a history art culture with technology stemming from JPL NASA. Also, being stuck in-between the two premiere universities – Art Center, one of the best art institutes in the world and Cal-tech, one of the premiere tech schools – makes Pasadena a natural choice,” explained Lee.

The Hypercubists hope to build a bigger creative community, share their talents – VR games, audio projects, interactive experiences and more.

“Our goal is to show what is possible within this intersection of art and technology,” said Lee.

Hypercube’s next Meetup will be on Friday, January 15 at the Armory Center For the Arts at 145 North Raymond Avenue. Register online at http://www.meetup.com/hypercube/ and learn more at www.hypercube.io.